The Kentucky Agriculture Water Quality Act What is the Agriculture Water Quality Act?

The Agriculture Water Quality Act was passed by the Kentucky General Assembly in 1994. The act protects surface and groundwater resources from pollution from agriculture and silviculture practices. Who is affected? The act effects all landowners with 10 or more contiguous acres and who conduct agriculture or silviculture operations on their land. What must be implemented? All landowners/land users with 10 or more acres of land that is used for agriculture or silviculture operations must develop and implement a water quality plan based on guidance from the Kentucky Agriculture Water Quality Plan. For more information visit   

Kentucky Agriculture Water Quality Plan Producer Workbook

Once you complete the Producer Workbook, you must submit to the Henry County Conservation office located at 1125 Campbellsburg Rd, New Castle, KY 40050. 

You can also email the completed woorkbook to Shayna Gibson at