The University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service, Kentucky Department of Agriculture, and Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services are partnering to support farm friendly legislation.  House Bill 391 and Farmers Market Legislation allow Kentucky farmers who grow and harvest produce to use their home kitchens to process value-added products, which may then be sold at registered farmers markets, certified roadside stands, or the processor’s farm. There are two separate processing categories in HB 391, Homebased Processor and Homebased Microprocessor.  Persons wishing to sell both types of products must register for both programs.  To qualify under either program, the final product must contain a primary or predominant ingredient which is a fruit, vegetable, nut or herb that is grown by the farmer in Kentucky.

Homebased Processing and Microprocessing brochure

Homebased Processors

Homebased Processors may produce and sell low risk products such as fruit jams, jellies and syrups, fruit butters, baked goods, prepackaged mixed greens or herbs, and dried fruits, vegetables, nuts or herbs.  There is no fee associated with becoming a Homebased Processor and no workshop attendance or recipe approval is required. However, Homebased Processors must register each year with the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services/Food Safety Branch, submit verification of an approved water source, and follow labeling requirements.  Additional information and application forms are available from Jeff Lunsford at the Food Safety Branch, 502-229-4188, 502-564-7181 or